Dare To Be Different

My Grandfather used to say that a person can be smart but people are always stupid. A bit of weird thing to open with, I know, but hear me out. What I am getting at is that why should we blindly follow the herd? If ‘people’ in their infinite stupidness are doing X and Y, why should we choose to make the same blatant mistakes and end up with the same unsatisfying, unfulfilling, and even unhealthy results?



Who is responsible for your life? Yea, you guessed it... YOU. It’s time to wake up, open your eyes and start taking responsibility for your own choices/actions/mistakes/likes/dislikes/preferences - Your LIFE!

Most people, I say most people because that’s what it looks like to me, are grinding and struggling from one day to the next. They are hopeless. They are like mindless zombies shuffling along a path preset by various external factors. They are trapped and they lack any kind of drive to get out of it. It’s like the movie ‘Matrix’. Their only daily joy comes in the form of a beverage in front of the telly and the highlight of their year is the cheap package holiday to the canary islands where they guzzle cheap beer by the poolside and return home complaining that it was too hot.

WHY?!?!? Why would anyone let themselves fall that low? Into such a deep pit of unhappy existence?

It’s the same with health. Staying healthy is your responsibility. YOURS!!! YOURS!!! YOURS!!! Don’t blame the GP and the system. Not their fault. If you choose to eat artificial, highly processed, ready packaged, poor quality food, drink lots of fizzy drinks, and to never exercise – guess what? You will get fat. You will become diabetic. Your bones and joints will crumble. You will have neural and cognitive problems in later years. Your risk of cancer will increase dramatically. Yet, MOST PEOPLE choose to do this. Also they add smoking and high alcohol consumption to the list to complete their chances of really having a miserable time.


So the message today is simple. TAKE CONTROL! Start doing things that make you happy. EVERY DAY. Something. Anything. Even if it’s just getting up early to see the sun rise. Even if you take 30 minutes out of your busy schedule to go for a walk in the woods. Even if it means that you turn down an invitation to go out with people you don’t necessarily like. YOU WILL FEEL BETTER.

These little daily things will lead into you being more brave to influence bigger things in your life. Get rid of the things that you hate. Fill your life with stuff that you TRULY WANT AND ENJOY. These may be anything from hobbies to holidays to work to career to country and place you live in to relationships. COME ON – YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF.

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