Resilient Three is a way of thinking. Revolutionary in its own right, but drawing from inspiration from many ancient traditions and wisdom, that is combined into a way of enhancing your health and wellbeing, both physically and emotionally from within.

Resilient Three was born out of necessity. The founder, Mika Janhunen D.C., M(Chiro), ICCSP is a sports chiropractor with years of experience in treating people from all walks of life and being able to motivate them to regain control of their own lives. Resilient Three encompasses the three elements of us, body, mind and spirit. When cultivated together they build a structure so strong that it can weather the most savage of storms and gain further strength from adversity.

The name Resilient comes from the founder's name, which in old Finnish was used to describe the properties of a certain type of wood that bows and arrows were made of. The wood was said to highly resilient, or “Janhuinen”, if it was strong, flexible, unbreakable and resistant to damage. That is the driving motto behind Resilient Three, for you to become unbreakable. That is also why the Resilient Three logo is a stylised arrow, to symbolise unerring direction that one must follow to reach one's target.

By the book from amazon