Do you feel that you are not quite meeting your potential? Do you feel that you could be more? That you could do more? That you could achieve more? If it only wasn’t for… …? Resilient Three is a way to find your way. We cannot promise you the heaven and the stars, but we can promise to get you on your way. You have our permission to live the life of your dreams.

Most people these days are unhappy with something. It could be physical, that they are constantly getting injured, they carry too much weight, they are too unfit. It could be emotional, that they feel anxious and intimidated, and unable to grasp opportunities when they arise. Or it may be deeper, more along the lines of deep seated confusion of who they actually are and what their mission here on earth is.

Resilient Three is here to set your feet on the path to conquering your doubts and fears and to help you develop your body, your mind and your spirit in a way that you will find comfort in the knowledge that you are on the right path. A path that is right for you, that is. We all have our own unique journey to travel, but sometimes it is possible to get sidetracked from your calling.

Most of the people who are unhappy and unfulfilled are not filling their calling. They are living according to the desires and wishes of other people. This creates that emotionally ‘torn’ feeling of ‘wrongness’ in one's daily activities. When one is traveling down the wrong path, obstacles will rise in your way physically, emotionally and spiritually, which are all the universes way of trying to force a course correction is one's life. Some of us are very stubborn and can put up with the constant discomfort for a long time. The resulting physical and emotional unwellness can take a long time to heal. But it can heal. First, you need a dose of honesty in finding out what it is that you actually want.

By the book from amazon