fearenza and worryitis

“Fearenza and Worryitis”

We live in interesting times. As opposed to the dominant view, I find myself feeling quite positive. In my view these times of uncertainty and upheaval are exactly the best time to be alive. There is opportunity aplenty and those who seek whatever it is that they seek are more likely to find it than they would be in the calm and unexciting days of total peace and tranquility. Am I totally nuts? Maybe. But the beauty of it is, that I CHOOSE to make my own destiny. I harness the power of my thoughts and I will endeavour to make my life exactly what I want it to be despite everything that is happening in the world around me. Did you know, that more millionaires were made during the great depression in the USA than during any other time in history? See, luck comes knocking when planning meets with resolve to grab the opportunities that present themselves.

Why - Fear is a powerful force that is born out of blending of indecision and doubt. Over time fear will infiltrate your thoughts and actions, leading to endless dwelling on the negative aspects of life. Of course, since the mind, the brain, and the spirit work based on the command of the prevalent thought process it is not difficult to imagine what a fearful person will receive in the future. That’s right, an abundance of the stuff that they focussed on - all the stuff they didn’t want and were afraid of.

We now know that thoughts are transferable. People get your vibes even from across the room. This is even more noticeable with animals - horses and dogs will show no respect to a weak or fearful master. We all exude an aura of sorts. That’s how others pick up on our feelings and emotions before we have said anything or even looked them in the eye. The transfer of emotions takes place on the subconscious plane and so quickly that you will have very little say in the matter. Thus, anyone oozing negativity in any form will find that people generally avoid them. Afterall, how others treat us is merely a manifestation of our deepest feelings of ourselves. Fear and worry are contagious. As one would avoid a person with communicable disease, one must take special care to not spread fear and worry but change one's own thought processes accordingly.

What - Our negative afflictions are caused by the six cardinal fears that are present in most of us (in some combination or another), festering and slowly choking our ability to function. The fear of poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love, old age, and death are the main categories of fear under which all others fit. Fear of anything is an emotion. It is essentially an excuse, no matter how well backed up by various figments of our imagination. Fear only has the power over us that we choose to give it. If allowed, fear will paralyse the mind, destroy imagination, kill off self-reliance, undermine enthusiasm, discourage initiative, encourage procrastination, reduce the clarity of purpose and finally it will wipe out self-control. This process will only lead one down the path of utter misery and very unsatisfactory life.

How - “Man’s thought impulses immediately begin to manifest themselves into their physical equivalent” - Writes Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich”. In order to conquer fear and seize back self-control, mainly the control of one's mind and thought processes, one must embark on a journey of self-discovery.The first action item is to DECIDE to move on. This decision need to be truly heartfelt and backed up by desire to get out of the current rut. For that to happen, one must ACCEPT that most things in life are not directly controllable by us. One must AFFECT, with clear purpose and resolve the things that are under ones control (namely the mind). Finally one must remember to ACT with courage to bring about ones dream life in a way that one wishes, each day focusing on the positive and eliminating the negative influence in every form lest it allow in the seeds of fear and worry again.

This process of Accepting the controllables and uncontrollables as they are, Affecting the what can be affected, and acting with integrity and never wavering from the grand plan will produce peace of mind. Soon the peace of mind will give moments of clarity and calmness. With more practice, and with more trust in your own power, will come serenity and finally happiness. Also the change in the quality of life can be profound - the positive focus, when carefully nurtured will bring about the changes (in one way or the other) that one so craves. The method may be unexpected. The results may be by far in excess of what was originally asked for.

You got this. Ask and you will receive.

Take Home Message - It is your responsibility to lead a life of positivity, calmness and happiness. You owe it to the world lead by your own example.

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