Movement = Life

Movement makes us feel good. It goes beyond the quantifiable, the scientifically measurable changes in hormones and neurotransmitters. It’s deeper than the feeling of achievement following a race or learning a new skill. It’s primal. It feels right. It resonates with the very finest particles within our cells. Movement makes us feel alive!

Have you ever watched a young child learn new skills? The tenacity and the uncompromising drive to perfect the technique and to master its’ execution. Young kids have not yet suffered injuries that compromise their ability to learn and they have not picked up bad habits that allow them to accept “passable”, “near perfection” or even “good enough”. They build their skills on the foundation of solid basics of movement; a foundation that allows them to continue developing their skills further with a lot lesser risk of injury and a lot higher likelihood of success.

Resilient Body is the new two-day intensive movement seminar that takes you back to the very basics. This course is applicable to those who truly want to learn to utilise their bodies in the most effective and natural way. We have taught these movement skills to professional athletes across a wide variety of sports as well as frail pensioners - movement skills are applicable to all.


Are you

  • Injured? Or suffer with recurrent injuries?
  • stuck on a plateau in your sport?
  • Unable to progress with certain skills?
  • Feeling like you are suffering with a mental block about training or competing?
  • Unable to get properly started because of getting hurt or too sore?
  • Unable to lose weight?
  • Unable to gain strength, mobility, flexibility, endurance, agility, coordination, power or speed?

We will assess and teach you not only the skills but the reasons why. We will endeavour to guide you to discover the wonder of the deeper understanding of movement.

The training progression is logical, multi modal and customisable to the needs of each participant, and it allows the attendees to continue practising at home immediately.

Your teachers are:

Mika Janhunen D.C., M(Chiro), ICCSP, MRCC, MUCA, MFICS
Bio and photo: lifestyle and smart


The seminar venue: Holiday Inn, Shepperton, Felix Lane, TW17 8NP (add google map)

Dates: 17 and 18 February 2018

Times: 9am start and 6pm finish. Tea and Coffee breaks and lunch included.

Each Participant will take home a Goodie bag, including a T-shirt (please indicate size)
Overnight stays are available at the hotel at reduced rates, please ask us for the code.

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