Movement = Life seminar

£250.00 Incl. VAT

Resilient Body is the new two-day intensive movement seminar that takes you back to the very basics. This course is applicable to those who truly want to learn to utilise their bodies in the most effective and natural way. We have taught these movement skills to professional athletes across a wide variety of sports as well as frail pensioners – movement skills are applicable to all.

Do you want to

  • Get off a performance plateau and start improving
  • Boost your skills learning capacity
  • Find your training and competition mojo
  • Get out of Injuries and start training in a more meaningful and harmonious way
  • Get your weight loss into gear
  • Gain Speed, Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, Agility,  Coordination, and Power
  • Enhance your brains ability to  operate your body

We will assess and teach you not only the skills but the reasons why. We will endeavour to guide you to discover the wonder of the deeper understanding of movement.

The training progression is logical, multi modal and customisable to the needs of each participant, and it allows the attendees to continue practising at home immediately.


The seminar venue: Holiday Inn, Shepperton, Felix Lane, TW17 8NP
Dates: 9.-10. June 2018
Times: 9am start and 6pm finish. Tea and Coffee breaks and lunch included.

Seminar Timetable wil be released in the next couple of days.

Overnight stays are available at the hotel at reduced rates, please ask us for the code.

Check the itinarary here

Movement makes us feel good. It goes beyond the quantifiable, the scientifically measurable changes in hormones and neurotransmitters. It’s deeper than the feeling of achievement following a race or learning a new skill. It’s primal. It feels right. It resonates with the very finest particles within our cells. Movement makes us feel alive!

Have you ever watched a young child learn new skills? The tenacity and the uncompromising drive to perfect the technique and to master its’ execution. Young kids have not yet suffered injuries that compromise their ability to learn and they have not picked up bad habits that allow them to accept “passable”, “near perfection” or even “good enough”. They build their skills on the foundation of solid basics of movement; a foundation that allows them to continue developing their skills further with a lot lesser risk of injury and a lot higher likelihood of success.

Your teachers are:


Mika Janhunen D.C., M(Chiro), ICCSP, MRCC, MFICS, MUCA

Is a sports chiropractor, an endurance athlete, a movement enthusiast and a naturally curious person. A combination like this can only mean endless experimentation of various different movement disciplines and styles, and application to real world injury reduction and sports performance enhancement.

The eye opener for Mika to start learning about movement came after the birth of his kids as he was observing their willingness and dogged determination to master new skills. Their ‘can do’ attitude and willingness to stick to the perfect technique (and to not accept compensations) was the catalyst for Mika to reassess his own movement patterns and to start reducing the impact of old injuries and surgeries.

For Mika the journey has been exciting, uplifting and  filled with wonder and fun. Mika is a two-time 12 hour Ironman finisher and has suffered zero injuries in the last seven years. More than anything, Mika knows that by applying the sound basics in his life as well as his training he will be able to  tackle any challenge he sets his mind to.

You can too.


Peter Neisz PT, Master KB Trainer, Military Workout Trainer, RTI, Ante and Postnatal Trainer, Advanced Nutritionist for Weight Management

Is a personal trainer who wants to help people to use their body in the most efficient  way possible in the everyday tasks as well as sporting life. Peter has learned that some of the movements that most people struggle with and find nearly impossible to perform are in fact a part of our basic human function.

Peter was told at the age of 28 to change his job as a restaurant manager if he did not want a hip replacement very soon. He spent a couple of years rehabilitating his hip joints and mastering squats and lunges. He became obsessed to execute everything with perfect techniques learnt from the biggest names (with a doctor/physio background). Peter incorporated Kettlebells to his training to strengthen not only muscles but ligaments, tendons and core at the same time. He qualified as a personal trainer to be able to keep fit and help others with the knowledge he gained over the years. He has completed a 28km Tough Mudder course and a 4 lap Nuts Challenge.

Peter recently noticed that one of his legs was shorter when he performed handstand by the wall so eight years after the first scan he went to a hip specialist diagnosis was that he was born with a dislocated left hip, his lumbar spine is too flat which explained his back issues from young age prior the career change and the tilted pelvis over the years caused lumbar scoliosis. Peter is now more determined than ever to help people to be the strongest version of themselves and improve their physical therefore mental quality of life.

“Pushing past your Limits”

Feedback from our previous events

“The content information was useful in that it made me consider all the posture bad habits that I, like so many of my age, get into.

“I especially liked the way you made us go back to first principles with, walking, bending and holding the head properly positioned over the body. Obvious things when you look at others, but not so noticeable in ourselves.”

I found the evening illuminating and it proved to me that at any age most of us get into bad posture habits, which will eventually cause problems. You made it very clear that the human body was not designed to sit for longs periods of time.”

–Mike Bonnick

“The most useful was the idea of keep trying things and the practical lessons eg. posture and weight distribution on feet.”

– James and Julia Paxton

“There were things related to everyday life so it was great that we could all relate to them.”

“The session really covered the things I wanted to hear and was really pleased to make it there.”

-Christina Ciungu

“Most useful and enlightening. We don’t realise how we do things so wrongly until we are shown.”

– Susan Whelan

“I would like to say how much I enjoyed the Movement 101 workshop and over the last week I have been regularly practising the movements shown to us.  I have found all the movements beneficial with relieving stiffness in my neck and lower back, especially the snake and moving the head/shoulders from side to side.”

– Maria Cage

“The content was interesting and useful. The practical ‘audience participation’ was particularly important as it’s easy to listen to advice and best practice but it’s not until you try it for yourself that you realise exactly how it feels and what your body will allow you to do. “

“I was fascinated at how simply standing and closing my eyes somehow felt un-natural and awkward.  It should be the most natural thing in the world but somehow we have forgotten what it is like. It was interesting to feel the difference of just standing and then standing properly after you explained how to set yourself.  Likewise, with squatting down, it showed me where my body was restricting me. I felt like I’d tip backward and after a short while my shins ached.”

– Alan Hunt

“The information given was extremely useful and informative; it should highlight to everyone how our life style and movement totally influence our bodies and why we need chiropractic treatment in the first instance.”

– Martin and June Spiers

“If this is relayed to more people, surely in the long run this should help alleviate a lot of pressure from the NHS.”

– Eileen White

“Detail was perfect and so interesting.  Your main focus was on maintaining good skeletal posture and the exercises are simple to apply and will surely benefit us if we continue to value what we were taught and apply those exercises to our daily lives.”

– Diana Tranter