The Flame Meditation

The Flame Meditation

At one point in my life I was going through a bit of a rough patch. You might even say that I was depressed. It felt like there was too much chaos and fear in my life and I really struggled to make any sense of it. It coincided with a series of physical injuries, bereavement in the family and relationship break up as well. It felt like the walls were collapsing around my ears and I was drifting helplessly down a rapid river towards my destruction. No wonder I was a bit all over the place. Anyway, one evening as I lay in bed unable to drop off to sleep I suddenly realised that it is up to me to pull myself out of the hole. It was electrifying as well as daunting at the same time. As far as I knew all depressed people needed medications and they were in a bad way forever. Maybe I could sort myself out and not end up like the others… Maybe I could avoid succumbing to the fate that lay in front of me.

I have always been an analyser. I think a lot. So I set to thinking. I had no training in mind control nor had I ever come across any art to cultivate my mental faculties. I didn’t even know about meditation because I was not all that worldly. I simply set my cogs in motion and came up with “The Flame Meditation” because it felt right.

Maybe it can help you too.   

As you lie down or sit down, reduce any distractions as best as you can. Lights off, sounds off, close the door etc. and settle down comfortably. Breathe. Just breathe for a while. Don’t entertain the brains’ chatter but try and ignore it for a time. When your breathing has calmed down and your heart rate slowed down and your body is relaxed you can get started.

Step by step Guide:

First - Imagine a total darkness. Complete, inky void of blackness.

Second - Picture a tiny speck of a flame. It can be any colour. Choose your favorite.

Third - Allow your brain to start chatting. Try and  focus on the negative stuff.  All those things that  haunt you, make you scared and powerless. All the injustice in the world.

Fourth - Start feeding these thoughts into the flame. See how the tiny spec of a flame feed on all the bad stuff. It consumes the unpleasantness and grows into a raging inferno.  

Fifth - Feel the heat of the flames. Hear the crackle. Gaze deep into the heart of the blaze and allow it to cleanse your soul and your mind.

Sixth - Once you feel that you have exhausted your supply of fuel (negative thoughts) you can extinguish the flame and come out of the meditation.

You must keep this one up for several days to gain any tangible benefit. Simply doing it once will not make any significant difference. You can also do this several times in a day if you need to or have the time, but I found it very powerful in the evening just before going to sleep.  

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